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It’s just furniture, but it has the ability to transform your workstyle and your entire company culture. We don’t just sell furniture, we sell environments. The only thing constant in today’s workplace is change, so we offer solutions that allow ease of adaptability and customization. At THiNK we are always ready for tomorrow. We believe that Passion, Creativity, Fun and Inspiration are the quintessential elements of a good life, so we employ each in every project we create.

I highly recommend Think Office to any organization in need of bespoke office furniture that is high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and able to foster a vibrant and productive work culture. I have no doubt that their commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction would greatly benefit any future partnerships. The world of “office” has changed.”

Casey LeBlanc, President New Venture Escrow

meet the THiNKers

DAVID kirian

Creator of Ideas


Creator of Opportunities

CANDACE robles


SODA lam

director of astonishment

MELISA holguin

captain of multitasking / designer

OSCAR jasson

master of coin

JENNA ralston

project coordinator

JULIO ramirez

Installation Manager

our history

10 years ago, our founder, David Kirian, was bored with the conventional methodology of the traditional furniture dealership and set out to create a completely unique and dynamic experience. His mission was to build a company that collaborates with the client to actualize their vision of the future. David sought to gain an intimate knowledge of how our clients worked, what their company vision and goals were and translate that into a space that truly spoke to them and their journey. It was with that strategy that THiNK office interiors was born.

Since then, we have stayed small by design in order to maintain this vision and consistently offer a personalized approach to office furniture design. Though we may be small, our creative and diverse team offers a wide breadth of experience to each project we work on. Our experience ranges from a small lobby to multiple building campuses nationwide. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your team.

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