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At THiNK we adopt the philosophy that your environment effects your behavior. Our goal is to create a fun, inspiring, productive space.

We look at each project as a journey, one filled with discovery, excitement, ideas, implementation and lastly celebration.
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Using AutoCAD-based drawings and detailing programs, our staff of technical designers can develop typical workstation and floor plans, produce three dimensional drawings and videos, elevations, installation drawings and create product specifications to your needs.
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Our professional installation services include management of delivery and receipt of product, coordination with other subcontractors, installation of furniture, fine tuning and inspection.
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Project management services include review of installation drawings and specifications, inspection of the building to identify phasing and staging needs and any restrictions that might affect installation.
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We offer a variety of custom solutions that are designed to fit your specific needs. We THiNK outside the box to delivery a custom, creative, personalized solution to fit your needs.
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The essentials of a fully ergonomic workstation are vital to the performance of work production. Ergonomic designs are based on purpose and function. The product we offer will work together to promote working comfort and health, while minimizing the risk of pain and musculoskeletal disorders.

The Ergonomic Solution THiNK offers are designed for uncomplicated use, maximum comfort, a long serviceable life, and a minimal environment footprint.
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THiNK employees supervise the daily movement of product as well as the ongoing tracking and management of customer inventories.